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Color bitumen

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Color bitumen
Colored asphalt
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  Color asphalt is composed of color asphalt binder (also known as decolorized asphalt) and corresponding chemical dyes (colors).
  1. color asphalt binder
  It is made of base oil, adhesive, asphaltene, additives, stabilizers and other petroleum products in special equipment through a special process. In order to make its performance reach the standard of road modified asphalt, SBS, SBR, SAS and other modified materials were modified. Its main indexes meet or exceed the index of road asphalt, and it is a new environmentally friendly road material. Its performance indicators are generally divided into two major items.
  (1) Highway engineering indicators, generally using heavy traffic asphalt inspection method, should meet the heavy traffic asphalt standards. Due to the different quality index and adding ratio of various materials in the synthesis process, the road strength and stability of the binder are directly determined.
  2. After the coloring index is made, the pavement works should fully reflect the color of the selected dyes. Because of the different grade quality index of raw materials used in the binder, the base color of the binder will be different. Thus affecting the color of the road surface bright degree.
  The amount of cementing material is generally similar to that of asphalt concrete with the same graded black asphalt.
  2. chemical dyestuffs (colors)
  Domestic famous chemical pigments with high temperature resistance and oil solubility should be used in the project. The specific colors can be selected by the user according to the color card of the supplier. The recommended dosage is 2.5%-3%.
  At present, the quality of dyes (colors) sold on the market varies greatly, and dyes of different quality grades have great influence on the color and durability of pavement engineering. Color asphalt binder and color is usually in the mixing pot of asphalt mixing station mixed with stone, mineral powder and so on to form color asphalt hot-mix mixture. The pavement is paved and rolled into a color pavement project.
  The colored pavement engineering made of Kang Defu Mei brand high standard colored asphalt binder and domestic famous brand dyes can achieve the good effect of durability, bright color and durability.

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