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Road repair

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Road repair
Cold asphalt
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Brief introduction of asphalt cold filler
In road maintenance engineering, a new type of cold repair at low temperature is more environmentally friendly than the traditional high temperature repair. The cold repair material can be used all-weather, adapt to various environmental weather, can repair different road surface, common asphalt concrete, cement concrete pavement, parking lot, Airport runway, bridge extension. A contraction joint, etc.
The advantages of cold filling materials are:
1. Strong adaptability to environment
Asphalt cold patch can be adapted to most environments. It can be used between - 30 and 50 at room temperature. It can also be used for quick repairing in bad conditions such as rainy days.
2. Simple operation.
When repairing with cold patching material, it does not need sticky oil, can be used at any time, and does not need large-scale construction machinery. According to the specific conditions of construction, it can be stamped manually or compacted with automobile tires. Road traffic does not need to close traffic, and vehicles can pass after construction, which can alleviate traffic congestion caused by construction. The problem is simple, quick, convenient and environmental protection.
3, wide range of adaptation
Cold patch material is widely used: asphalt concrete, cement concrete and other different matrix materials have good cohesion, widely used in road surface damage, around the shaft cover, parking lot, bridges, airports and various large machinery can not be constructed.
4. Quality excellence.
The asphalt cold patch material has strong anti-aging and adhesive properties. The service life of the repairing position is over 10 years after construction. The repairing cold patch material will not fall off, crack and other undesirable phenomena.
5. Cold repair cost is low.
The cold fill construction does not require heating construction, and no large equipment is needed. In accordance with the repair situation as needed, no waste of materials, not limited by the size and number of damaged pits, economical and applicable.
6, convenient and fast traffic.
When the cold shop is repaired, it does not need to close the traffic. After repair, it can be opened to traffic immediately, so that the traffic will not be blocked.
7, more environmental protection
The cold filling material does not need heating, and no smoke, odor and fertilizer are produced in the middle. This product is insoluble in water and does not cause pollution of rivers and groundwater.
8. Easy to maintain and transport
It can be stored outdoors for more than 20 tons by triangle stacking. When it is used, the bulk material can be stored for more than two years without agglomeration and can be stored for a long time. It is convenient to transport without special transportation.

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