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Asphalt additive

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Asphalt additive
SBS modified asphalt agent
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Product Details

  Introduction of SBS modified asphalt agent
  SBS modified asphalt is mainly to improve the thermal stability of modified asphalt, but also can solve the problem of storage and segregation of modified asphalt. Kandfumei SBS modified asphalt is an efficient asphalt stabilizer additive. Adding in asphalt or asphalt mixture can improve the performance of asphalt pavement.
  Characteristics of SBS modified asphalt agent:
  1. It can be used to improve the storage stability of asphalt and improve the comprehensive index of modified asphalt. After adding Kandfumei modified asphalt agent, a stable phase interface adsorption layer is formed between the polymer phase and the base asphalt, which can reduce the surface tension of the phase interface and increase the coincidence between the two phases. Promote compatibility between two phases. SBS has resin flow processability. This two-phase separation structure enables it to form a three-dimensional network structure with asphalt matrix, thus effectively improving the temperature performance, tensile performance, elasticity, cohesive adhesion, stability and aging resistance of asphalt mixture. Among many asphalt modifiers, SBS can improve the high and low temperature performance and temperature sensitivity of asphalt at the same time, making it the most researched and applied variety, SBS modified asphalt now accounts for 61% of the global demand for asphalt.
  2. Modified asphalt agent can prevent segregation during transportation, and the storage stability of modified asphalt agent products can reach more than 70 days.
  3. The low softening point of modified asphalt can be improved by adding modified asphalt agent. The softening point of modified asphalt can be increased above 10 C, and the softening point of modified asphalt can be maintained during storage.
  4. Kang De Fumei SBS modified asphalt agent is environmentally friendly and safe, stable at room temperature, non-toxic, odor-free, high flash point, is a safe and reliable non-flammable products.
  Storage and transportation:
  It can be stored and stored at room temperature. It is convenient to transport and does not require special conveyance and vehicles.

Technical Parameters