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Asphalt additive

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Asphalt additive
Asphalt warm mix agent
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Product Details

  Asphalt warm mix instructions:
  Bituminous warm mixing agent is a kind of warm mixing modified material based on the principle of high temperature lubrication of polyolefin materials to reduce viscosity and low temperature lattice reinforcement. It provides a way to reduce the high temperature viscosity of asphalt binder, reduce the construction temperature of asphalt mixture by about 30 C, and does not reduce its performance. It can inhibit smoke and protect the environment. It can greatly reduce the aging of asphalt, prolong the construction season and improve the compaction effect of asphalt.
  Adaptable occasion
  Larger tunnel pavement, densely populated urban road surface, mountainous area with constant traffic, cold area with low temperature, expressway, heavy-duty road or airport runway, hot recycled asphalt mixture, pouring asphalt mixture, etc.
  Advantages and characteristics of asphalt warm mix agent:
  It can improve every index of asphalt, and has better compatibility and solubility and dispersion of asphalt. The anti-rutting technology of warm mixing agent can achieve the effect of improving asphalt while realizing warm mixing, improve the anti-rutting performance more than one times, and increase the bearing capacity. Comparing with the same kind of materials, Kang Defu Mei warm mixing agent has lower comprehensive cost. The self-developed warm mixing rubber asphalt technology can reduce the viscosity of rubber asphalt by 50%, the construction temperature by 30 degrees Celsius, and has made outstanding contribution to environmental protection and emission reduction.
  Application of warm mix agent
  The parameters of asphalt mixture are 2-4 of the asphalt quality. When used, the modifier can be directly put into the mixing building, or added to the asphalt tank to mix into warm asphalt.

Technical Parameters