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Asphalt additive

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Asphalt additive
Anti rutting agent
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  Introduction to rutting resistance products
  Kandfumei anti-rutting agent is a kind of asphalt modification additive which can effectively prevent rutting disease of asphalt pavement. Anti-rutting agent is a kind of asphalt modification additive which is copolymerized and blended by physicochemical method to optimize the properties of macromolecule materials. It can obviously improve the high-temperature anti-rutting performance, water-loss performance and low-temperature cracking resistance of asphalt mixture. Performance of asphalt mixture additives
  1) embedment effect
  The anti-rutting agent softens these particles due to the action of high temperature during construction. Thermoforming of these particles in the rolling process is equivalent to the high adhesion of a single particle of fine aggregate filling into the aggregate skeleton. This increases the skeleton effect of the asphalt mixture structure and strengthens the interaction between the mixtures. The permeability of the molded pavement is further reduced and the ability of the asphalt mixture to bear the load is increased.
  2) reinforcement effect
  Because the micro-crystalline zone formed by the polymer in the anti-rutting agent has considerable stiffness, the fiber reinforcement is formed by bridging and crosslinking part of the wiredrawing plastic fibers in the aggregate skeleton during the mixing process.
  3) cementation
  The performance of asphalt is improved, the softening point of asphalt is improved, the temperature sensitivity of asphalt and aggregate is increased, and the temperature sensitivity of asphalt and aggregate is increased. Adhesion ability.
  4) deformation recovery
  The elastic component of Anti-rutting agent has the function of restoring the elasticity of the deformed part of the pavement at higher temperature, thus reducing the permanent deformation of the formed asphalt pavement.
  Mixing dosage: the recommended dosage of Kant Fu Mei is 0.3%-0.4% of the total quality of asphalt mixture.
  Mixing method: manual feeding is done through the observation chamber of mixing bin.
  The feeding of the machine can be calculated by calculating the dosing machine input.
  Construction plan:
  The construction technology of Kangdefu-Mei anti-rutting agent is the same as that of ordinary asphalt mixture. It can refer to the Technical Specification for Highway Asphalt Pavement Construction (JTGF40-2004). During construction, the construction technology is adjusted according to different construction environment and equipment, so as to give play to better product performance.

Technical Parameters