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Road repair

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Road repair
Pavement sealant
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  The characteristics of Kantian road sealant are:
  1, excellent high elasticity and two boxes of viscosity connectivity.
  2. Good deformation properties, toughness and plasticity.
  3. Good adhesion, low temperature flexibility, thermal stability, water resistance, anti-embedding and anti-aging properties.
  4, high temperature performance, good elasticity, prevent spillover and sticky.
  5. It can be widely used in cement concrete pavement joints, petroleum asphalt pavement joints and common matrix cracks, airport runway bridge roads and other waterproofing and reducing functional layers.
  Construction technology of road sealant
  Clean up the joint before construction, avoid dust, gravel, oil pollution, etc. during construction, heat and stir in the container to the soluble state, and pour into the joint. Talcum powder can be used to accelerate solidification time and shorten the opening time after watering.
  Note: Smoke will be produced when the temperature is over 180 C when heating and dissolving. Please pay attention not to exceed the use temperature to avoid pollution.
  Guarantee and storage
  1. Each box of special road filling adhesive weighs 20KG. The inner packing film can be used together. This product is easy to store and can be kept in a cool and dry place. It can prevent the surrounding temperature from exceeding 70 ~C. The validity period of special road filling adhesive is 3 years.

Technical Parameters