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Color pavement

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Color pavement
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Product Details

  In the course of using colored asphalt pavement, the asphalt in the asphalt mixture will gradually aging, color gradually darkening, surface color difference and other phenomena due to sudden pollution or under the joint action of vehicle wheel load and environment; on the other hand, if the quality control of pavement construction is not good, the porosity is too large, it will be created. The early damage of pavement will further accelerate the decline of pavement performance if these phenomena are not handled in time.
  At present, the domestic color asphalt pavement repair and maintenance field is still blank. After the color asphalt pavement is completed, it is basically in a state of no supervision, no one can maintain it. Once the surface color asphalt concrete pavement appears loose, groove, obvious color differences and other phenomena, the only way is to allow the original road surface problems to continue to expand, to a certain extent, the cerium paved again, both labor and wealth, but also unable to restore the original road surface smoothness and color. The appearance of color silicon fog cover material solves the problems of high cost and difficult maintenance of color asphalt pavement. The product is directly sprayed on the ordinary asphalt concrete pavement, with the characteristics of low cost, simple construction, short construction period, open traffic, etc., and can extend the service life of the original colored asphalt pavement.

Technical Parameters