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Color pavement

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Color pavement
Cold spray colored pavement
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Product Details

  In the course of using colored asphalt pavement, the asphalt in the asphalt mixture will gradually aging, color gradually darkening, surface color difference and other phenomena due to sudden pollution or under the joint action of vehicle wheel load and environment; on the other hand, if the quality control of pavement construction is not good, the porosity is too large, it will be created. The early damage of pavement will further accelerate the decline of pavement performance if these phenomena are not handled in time.
  At present, the domestic color asphalt pavement repair and maintenance field is still blank. After the color asphalt pavement is completed, it is basically in a state of no supervision, no one can maintain it. Once the surface color asphalt concrete pavement appears loose, groove, obvious color differences and other phenomena, the only way is to allow the original road surface problems to continue to expand, to a certain extent, the cerium paved again, both labor and wealth, but also unable to restore the original road surface smoothness and color.  The appearance of color silicon fog cover material solves the problems of high cost and difficult maintenance of color asphalt pavement. The product is directly sprayed on the ordinary asphalt concrete pavement, with the characteristics of low cost, simple construction, short construction period, open traffic, etc., and can extend the service life of the original colored asphalt pavement.
  Product introduction
  Cold-sprayed color pavement color change agent is silicon-based water-based raw material, is a non-toxic 100% green environmental protection products, its bright color, not easy aging, long service life, good sun resistance, not easy to crack, not easy to foam, easy construction, daily maintenance convenience, low cost and other advantages. Completely green, highly UV-resistant performance, color durable in-depth, non-fading, non-peeling; easy maintenance, low maintenance costs, strong and durable in any weather conditions.
  Mechanism of action
  The polymer component of cold-sprayed color pavement modifier material has good aging resistance, and the silicon-based component has good compatibility with the asphalt in the mixture, and it has good viscosity and toughness, so it can effectively seal fine cracks in the asphalt mixture. The active silicone component in the color overlay seal material has high viscosity and strong hydrophobicity.  The presence of silicone improves the adhesion and adhesion between the components of asphalt pavement, especially with aggregate, thus reducing the separation of asphalt mixture and the loosening of mixture due to the presence of moisture. It ensures the drying inside and outside the asphalt road and reduces the problems caused by water or moisture. Therefore, the use of color cover material can effectively prolong the service life of asphalt pavement, and greatly reduce the maintenance costs of the pavement.
  Technical characteristics
  1) The cost is low, and the original asphalt pavement can be transformed into color asphalt pavement without destroying the original asphalt pavement structure.
  2) the construction machinery is simple and can be constructed at room temperature, and traffic can be opened within 12 hours after construction.
  3) Good hydrophobicity, because it contains silicone waterproofing agent, maintenance materials into the asphalt pavement can ensure that its pavement and mixture have good hydrophobicity.
  4) excellent aging resistance, long term stability under UV irradiation.
  5) excellent adhesion. Silicone components can increase the adhesion of aggregates in asphalt mixtures.
  6) While maintaining the original colored asphalt pavement, the performance and color of the original colored asphalt pavement can be restored.
  Product characteristics
  1) transform black asphalt pavement into colored asphalt pavement.
  2) restore the original color pavement color.
  3) does not affect the skid resistance.
  4) cold and hot climates are applicable.
  5) excellent adhesion and cohesive force.
  6) excellent hydrophobicity
  7) Quick solidification, opening traffic within 12 hours after construction, greatly reducing the closure time of the construction site
  8) Simple normal temperature construction, even at about 0 C, and most of the maintenance materials have higher requirements for air temperature.
  Functions and uses
  1) It can directly act on the ordinary black asphalt concrete pavement and transform the original black asphalt pavement into colorful asphalt concrete pavement. This kind of color asphalt pavement construction does not need to change the original black asphalt pavement structure, no asphalt mixing, paving equipment and a large number of construction personnel, no need for long-term road closure, and the material itself is similar to the asphalt characteristics, and is stable with the original asphalt pavement.
  2) The product is composed of organosilicon polymer with compound active ingredient, which can penetrate into the interior of color asphalt pavement structure. After infiltration, on the one hand, the fine cracks and voids in the original asphalt can be sealed, on the other hand, the activity of asphalt in asphalt concrete can be improved, the cohesion between aggregates can be increased, the service life of asphalt pavement can be prolonged, and the color of colored asphalt pavement can be reduced, which has low construction cost and application effect. Good advantage.
  Construction scope
  As an economical and ideal color pavement material and color pavement repair protectant, color cover material can be used in various asphalt pavement.

Technical Parameters