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Color bitumen

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Color bitumen
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Product Details

  Special coloured powder for color asphalt
  Color: Red, yellow, blue, green, white series can also be customized according to customer requirements for various colors.
  Product introduction
  Iron oxide red can also be called rust red, is an iron oxide powder, with UV light resistance, high resistance and other characteristics, iron oxide red has two kinds of natural and synthetic, natural oxidation red into red, relative density 55.25, fineness 0.4-20um, melting point 1566 decomposition. Ferric oxide pigments do not fuse with powders, have magnetic properties, for material covering and coloring are very high, superior performance in solvents, in solvents with very stable and alkali-resistant performance, its heat-resistant degree reached 100 degrees.
  Product performance
  Kang Defu Mei iron oxide powder has good light resistance, high temperature, acid resistance, alkali resistance, rust resistance, mildew resistance, scrub resistance. It has good dispersibility and strong coloring ability. It is nontoxic, oil-free and water permeable. This product is a highly concentrated, resin-free, environmentally friendly water-based color paste. It has high color content, strong coloring power and rich color samples. It is easy to store for a long time without coloring, water-splitting, non-sedimentation and excellent flowability.

Technical Parameters