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Asphalt processing equipment

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Asphalt processing equipment
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Product Details

  Introduction of asphalt spreading equipment:
  The product has color asphalt and asphalt spraying function. It is composed of asphalt tank, spraying equipment, heating system, operating system and power plant. The equipment is installed on a chassis equipment and hoisted on a common automobile platform during construction. The spraying equipment does not need field debugging and does not need automobile power. The operation is simple and convenient. Spraying equipment sprinkler atomization effect is good, spraying quality is high, do not drop oil, spraying 0.4-1.2 kg of asphalt per square meter spraying.
  Asphalt sprinkling equipment classification:
  Cold spreading type of emulsified asphalt equipment
  Cold sprinkle and hot asphalt mixture
  Asphalt spray size:
  Asphalt spraying asphalt tank and equipment spraying width can be customized according to customer requirements, low price, excellent quality, reliable performance and easy to use.

Technical Parameters