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Asphalt processing equipment

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Asphalt processing equipment
Emulsified asphalt unit equipment
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Product Details

  Introduction of asphalt emulsification equipment unit
  The frequency control of oil and water is controlled by variable frequency infinitely variable speed control system. The asphalt temperature is adjusted quickly by heat conducting oil or gas and electrothermal. Equipped with two water tanks to ensure continuous production of the equipment. The submersible output pump of the finished product can not only save the trouble of cleaning, but also output the finished products at any time. All the equipments are installed on a base which can be used on the vehicle. It is convenient to transfer the site quickly. After unloading the vehicle, it can be produced without on-site debugging and installation. It can produce emulsified asphalt with anionic, cationic and non-ionic properties. Install fixed emulsifying equipment according to user's requirements.
  Equipped with domestic colloid mill, the output of shift class is 40-60 tons. The simplest equipment, the most practical function. Domestic technicians are assigned to commission and install the project on site, and can train engineering operators. The free insurance period is one year, and the daily maintenance only charges material fees.
  Emulsified asphalt unit type
  1, model: LRD-6;
  2, yield: 5-6/h;
  3, equipped with power: 26KW;
  4, oil / water ratio: 1-60% can be adjusted continuously.
  5, heating mode: heat transfer oil;
  6, control mode: variable frequency speed regulation.

Technical Parameters