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Asphalt processing equipment

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Asphalt processing equipment
Asphalt heating equipment
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  Introduction of asphalt heating equipment:
  Internal heating local fast asphalt storage heating device
  It is the patented product of Kang De Fu Mei Color Asphalt Engineering Co., Ltd. which has won the Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award, National Invention Award and other awards. The heating principle and process are different from conventional equipment.
  Main features:
  The heating and preheating of asphalt are completed synchronously in the same container. The intermediate process is a kind of physical automatic circulation process, i.e. pumping out, preheating and asphalt entering of high temperature asphalt. It is always synchronous and equal in quantity. No asphalt overflow or vacancy will occur in the high temperature unit. The high temperature area in the storage container is an active regenerative type. The heat supply of the combustion system is highly concentrated and stratified. Its unique local fast heating technology and fully enclosed automatic operation program, not only heating speed is extremely fast, fuel consumption is extremely low, and the operation is very simple, especially safe and reliable operation, the entire heating process does not produce asphalt pollution. Its unique dual-circuit parallel operation heat exchange system, not only high thermal efficiency and safety factor, in the case of heat exchange system failure, the end of one way, the other way can continue to operate, without delay in production, and easy to check and repair.
  Cost accounting:
  The cost of construction (or finished products) is more than 30% lower than that of conventional products with the same output; the average operating cost under comprehensive conditions is reduced by more than 50%, and the intermittent small batch production cost is only one-tenth to one-tenth of that of conventional equipment, with remarkable economic benefits.
  Product type:
  There are two heating modes: direct heating system and carrier heating system; using fuel, there are two forms of coal and fuel; working characteristics, there are two types of fixed and mobile; high temperature system has built-in and external structure. Dozens of products with different systems, forms, types, structure and specifications can meet the different needs of users to the greatest extent. It is incomparable with any similar equipment in terms of heating time, energy saving, simple operation, safety and reliability to build asphalt depot with local quick heating technology, rebuild old oil plant (station) and match with mixing equipment, emulsified asphalt equipment and modified asphalt equipment.

Technical Parameters