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Asphalt processing equipment

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Asphalt processing equipment
Modified asphalt equipment
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  [introduction of modified asphalt equipment]
  Kang De Fumei Modified Asphalt Equipment produces SBS, SBR and other additives modified asphalt, rubber powder asphalt, color asphalt by mixing. This equipment is an advanced multi-functional modified asphalt equipment designed and manufactured by our company in cooperation with Tongji University. It can produce modified asphalt such as rubber powder modified asphalt and SBS modified asphalt. Green products. The equipment is divided into two forms: vertical and horizontal. There are two heating modes: direct heating of self-contained burner-heat conducting oil compound heating mode and heat conducting oil heating mode of external heat oil furnace. The equipment is of integral structure, convenient for transportation and easy to install and debug at the scene. It can be connected with domestic asphalt concrete mixing station to produce modified asphalt concrete, and can also be used to produce modified asphalt in factory.
  [technical advantages of modified asphalt]
  1. The investment in equipment is relatively small. The investment cost of equipment has dropped from several million yuan to several hundred thousand yuan, which greatly reduces the investment threshold and investment risk.
  2, the application of asphalt is wide, and all kinds of domestic asphalt can be used as base asphalt for processing and production.
  3. The equipment is powerful and can be used not only in SBS modified asphalt production, but also in rubber modified asphalt and other high viscosity modified asphalt production.
  4. Simple operation and low management cost. This series of equipment has not high technical requirements for operators. After 5 - 10 days of technical training, we can independently operate the production and management of modified asphalt.
  5, low energy consumption and fast heating speed. The total installed capacity of the series equipment is less than 60kW, and the energy consumption of the equipment is very low. At the same time, the use of non abrasive technology makes rubber powder or SBS particles reach a certain particle size.
  The unique design of the preheating system and insulation system greatly reduces the production energy consumption, thus lowering the production cost to the minimum.
  6, complete functions. The main parts of the equipment include: basic asphalt feeding system, preheating device, heating device, asphalt system, insulation device, stabilizer adding device connected with modified asphalt production tank
  Set up, agitator, finished product discharge system, frame system and distribution system. Solid material automatic feeding device, weighing device and automatic control system can be selected according to user requirements.
  7, the product performance index is excellent. This equipment can produce rubber asphalt, all kinds of SBS modified asphalt and PE modified asphalt at the same time.
  8, stable operation, fewer failures. This series of equipment is equipped with two independent heating systems, even if one of them fails, the other can support the production of equipment, effectively avoid the equipment failure and guide.
  Delay in construction period.
  9, single mobile. According to the user's requirements, the single-machine equipment can be made into mobile, which makes it easier to install, disassemble and hoist the equipment.
  10. Technical cooperation with Tongji University ensures timely updating of modified asphalt production technology and application technology, provides users with the most advanced technical support, and ensures users'leading edge in the industry.

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