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  Shandong Kangde Fumei Color Asphalt Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in color asphalt research, color asphalt equipment manufacturing, color asphalt material processing, color asphalt engineering construction, asphalt derivatives research and development.
  Enterprises with independent intellectual property rights of a number of innovative technologies and high-end foreign technical cooperation as a strong technical support; independent research and development of special equipment and conventional pavement engineering equipment for the unique combination of hardware foundation; rich practical experience and high-level engineering and technical team as a reliable software guarantee; We should offer our customers a quality, cheap, beautiful, practical and unique color asphalt product.
  Strong technical support:
  The company has a rapid heating of asphalt, asphalt modification, asphalt emulsification, asphalt spread and other equipment manufacturing a number of special technologies. It is the experimental and production base of Beijing Fu Mei cementation material research and development center. The cooperation between Nanrong and North China, independent innovation of equipment research and development, ensure that the company is in the forefront of color asphalt engineering.
  Dedicated complete sets of equipment:
  From professional research and development of color asphalt synthesis equipment, special pavement construction equipment to commercial asphalt mixing, paving, compaction and other equipment, forming a complete chain of special equipment. Ensure high quality from material processing, cementing material distribution to engineering construction.
  Rich practical experience, high-level technical team:
  The company is engaged in asphalt material research, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction based on the establishment of professional engaged in color asphalt engineering enterprises, including the State Council has enjoyed special allowance experts, engineering and technical teams to ensure that users to provide more distinctive, more practical, more economical products and more comprehensive services.
  1. Color pavement engineering:
  1. Modified colored asphalt pavement: using modified colored asphalt binder, mineral fuels, the same color series of stone, characteristic additives, hot mixing by professional equipment, paving, compaction. The colour is bright, and the road is durable.
  2. High-elasticity color asphalt wide (gymnastic) field: the use of specially modified high-elasticity color asphalt binder, mineral pigments, special additives, special mineral grading, hot-mixing professional equipment, paving, compaction. Its high elasticity comes from the overall structure of the project rather than the surface of the plastic project, is the replacement of plastic playground products.
  3. Reflective color asphalt pavement: In the construction of color asphalt pavement, special equipment is used to add reflective materials to the surface. The paved pavement presents bright colors under the illumination of lights, which not only provides convenience for night walking, but also provides a unique night scenery.
  Two. Color asphalt materials:
  1. Modified color asphalt binder. All kinds of cementing materials with different labels are available for users, and can also produce cementing material according to the label required by users. It is transported by special equipment and directly butted with the mixing station of the user.
  2. Mineral pigments, according to the stones purchased by users, the amount of pigments can be determined by experiments, and the pigments can be supplied according to the requirements of users.
  3. Hot mix color asphalt mixture: the heating mixture can be directly raised from the production base within the close range.
  Three. Asphalt equipment manufacturing
  1, all kinds of reserves, production of heat transfer oil fast heat energy saving asphalt storage tank.
  2, all kinds of reserves, output of direct heating fast energy saving asphalt storage tanks.
  3, color asphalt equipment, asphalt modification, asphalt emulsification equipment, cold and hot asphalt spreading pot.